About Black Kraken K9

Welcome to Black Kraken K9, where our focus is on restoring the German Shepherd to its intended status as a top working breed. At BKK, we're committed to raising strong, confident, and versatile working line German Shepherd Dogs.

Breeding and caring for high-quality dogs is expensive, and that's where our training and retail businesses come into play. They support our breeding efforts by helping us cover the costs associated with raising these exceptional animals.

When you choose Black Kraken K9, you're not just getting great products and services—you're also contributing to the improvement of the German Shepherd breed. Funds from our training program and merchandise sales help us fund essential tasks such as importing top-quality semen from renowned studs, providing excellent medical care for our dogs, and ensuring they receive nutritious food and supplements.

Together, we can work towards elevating the German Shepherd to its rightful place as an outstanding working breed. Thanks for supporting Black Kraken K9 and our dedication to these amazing dogs.